Pedestrian-friendly waterfront project for Seychellois to begin next year.

Making Victoria a vibrant Creole capital and an Indian Ocean hub is the goal of a project which will start next year with the first phase, a top planning official said. Once completed, the Victoria waterfront project will provide Seychellois with a pedestrian-friendly waterfront public meeting point with areas for live entertainment as well as residential and retail spaces. The project, which is part of the Victoria Masterplan 2040, is one in which the Seychellois will benefit and this is what distinguishes it from similar projects, the chief executive of the Seychelles Planning Authority, Joseph Francois, told SNA. “The first phase of the development is targeting Seychellois as beneficiary. Apartments will be made available to Seychellois, and retail areas and kiosks will be rented,” he said. Francois added that details about if the apartments will be sold or rented will be discussed thoroughly beginning of next year but the government might lean towards selling them as condominiums. The total cost of the project will be known once all the detailed plans and necessary procedures have been carried out.